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Irrigation Systems Sprung a Leak – Irrigation Repairs and Maintenance


Spring has sprung and irrigation systems are opening up. What we have been noticing is that there are a staggering amount of systems that weren’t properly shut down last fall. This leads to water freezing within the irrigation lines and heads, resulting in damaged systems.

A properly maintained irrigation systems should include:irrigation-systems-spraying-water

  • Spring opening and calibration – Our irrigation tech will schedule a meeting to go over your system and to turn your water on to the outdoor hose bib. He will then change the battery in your control panel (if applicable) and make sure the timers are all setup. We will then run a test on each zone, making sure they are setup for optimal performance.
  • Mid season checkup – Maintaining a property can involve a lot of equipment and people. I have seen irrigation heads get ripped out of the ground by a zero turn lawn mower; Gardeners that are re-edging a bed and put their edging spade through an irrigation line; Or simply, an irrigation head that sucks up dirt and small stones and jams the whole system to a grinding halt. Doing a mid season checkup will keep your irrigation system in tip top shape.
  • Fall shutdown – This procedure is probably one of the most important steps in maintaining your irrigation system. Our tech will show up with a commercial air compressor and blow out all of the water in your system. You cannot rush this process and it takes two blowouts to correctly clear the water from the system.

Contact the office today to setup your maintenance plan.