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When can I water?

local water bylawsLocal Water Bylaws

Every municipality has a local water bylaws for Outdoor Water Use, and every municipality is very different. Blue Mountain Irrigation and Lighting has done the leg work for you and provided these public documents available for download and review. If you have any questions regarding these By-Laws you can send an email to or contact your local By-Law office.

These bylaws cover much more than just when to water your lawn. They also cover if and when you can wash your car, a very detailed glossary and what rules and regulations you should follow.

Files updated March 15, 2017. Please check with your local municipality for up-to-date By-Laws as these files may become out of date.

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Town of Collingwood

BY-LAW NO. 2016-066 ( 2.728 MB )

Town of The Blue Mountains

BY-LAW 2008-02 ( 1 MB )

Town of Wasaga Beach

BY-LAW NO 2014-47 ( 312 KB )

Township of Clearview

BY-LAW NUMBER 07-29 ( 517 KB )

Tiny Township

BYLAW 06-031 ( 830 KB )