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Wasting Water – Water Hogs Beware, Your Lawn Does Not Thank You


Wasting water

The number one wasting water mistake homeowners make when caring for their lawn is over-watering; aptly named ‘Water Hogs’. Drought-enforced watering schedules often result in homeowners watering their lawns too much.

Water studies suggest that when they have to abide by a watering schedule, people apply water several times in short intervals to their lawns. This creates turf diseases. And, ironically, it may increase water consumption.

One reason too much water can be harmful to your home lawn is that it creates a perfect environment for diseases.

So how do you give your lawn the water it needs without putting out a welcome mat for unwanted diseases?


This gives your lawn plenty of time to dry during the day. You want to maximize the amount of water consistent with good growth but with the least amount of surface wetness.

An example would be to water thoroughly once a week until the top 1 to 2 inches of soil is wet, as opposed to watering three times a week for 30 minutes. The longer any plant is wet, the more you invite diseases.

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